ValueWalk quotes Brent Scowcroft Center Nonresident Fellow August Cole on his novel Ghost Fleet, cowritten with Peter Singer, from a panel at South by Southwest Interactive 2015:

Last month, a survey showed that the Ukraine crisis might be pushing us towards World War 3. As tensions in Europe continue to rise, authors Peter Singer and August Cole discussed their novel Ghost Fleet (via ExtremeTech), which is about the next great conflict, at the South by Southwest Interactive 2015. Singer consults to major government security agencies while Cole is a senior fellow at the Atlantic Council.

While discussing the book, the two defense experts shed some light on weapons that could be used in World War 3. In the first World War, tanks and fighter planes were widely used. These two weapons were widely improved by World War II. The second World War also saw a number of other deadly weapons such as nuclear bombs and self-propelled missiles.

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