Defense One cites the Atlantic Council for hosting an event with General William L. Shelton, commander of US Air Force Space Command:

The U.S. thought it won the space race long ago, but no victory lasts forever. On Tuesday, Gen. William Shelton, the commander of Air Force Space Command, speaking at the Atlantic Council, said that U.S. dominance in space will be confronted by some real threats in the years ahead. WhenDefense One asked what those threats might consist of specifically, he replied jammers, lasers and tactical space nukes.

The nature of these threats hasn’t evolved much since the publication of this 2001 report by the Commission to Assess Untied States National Security Space Management and Organization, chaired by former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. One of the chief findings of the commission was thatU.S. reliance on space was going to grow—making U.S.satellites and space assets an increasingly attractive target for those who mean us harm. 

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