Middle East Eye quotes Rafik Hariri Center Nonresident Fellow Mohamed Eljarh on the response of Libya’s parliament to a recent court ruling rejecting parliamentary elections held in the country in June:

“Some claim the Supreme Court was under pressure but I would prefer to believe the court reached a decision in an environment as reasonable as currently possible,” said Mohammed Eljarh, non-resident fellow at the Atlantic Council’s Rafik Hariri Centre for the Middle East. “However, concerns the court has been pressured cannot be overlooked due to the reality on the ground in Tripoli – which is controlled by anti-HoR militias and where there is a self-declared government.”

“But no one can currently prove there has been pressure put on the Supreme Court.”

The GNC, whose mandate expired with the election of the HoR in June, hailed the Supreme Court decision as “a victory for the nation” as supporters of Libya Dawn celebrated in Tripoli as news of the ruling spread. GNC spokesperson Omar Hemeidan told Anadolu Agency the ruling “implicitly grants legal authority” to the assembly.

Eljarh disagreed and said the decision had not automatically conferred authority to the GNC.

“The GNC may see today’s ruling as a victory for them but it isn’t – everyone’s legitimacy is under question at the moment,” said Eljarh. “Hassi’s government in Tripoli was illegally formed – only 20 members met when 120 members are required to approve the prime minister’s appointment.”

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