Al Jazeera quotes Rafik Hariri Center Nonresident Fellow Mohamed Eljarh on the UN Envoy for Libya’s proposed national unity government:

The UN envoy for Libya has announced a national unity government for Libya after months of talks between the North African country’s two rival governments.

Bernardino Leon told reporters late on Thursday that the names of candidates for the national unity government have been decided.

Leon said the prime minister for the new government is Fayez Sarraj, a member of the Tripoli-based administration.

“We believe this list can work,” Leon said of the names, which include three deputies for the prime minister – representing the country’s east, west and south – and two ministers to complete a presidential council.

“All of them will work as a team,” Leon said. He added, “This was not an easy task.”

Negotiators who attended the peace talks representing the rival governments approved the names of candidates, but the parliaments for both sides must approve them, too.

Mohamed Eljarh, an analyst at the Atlantic Council’s Hariri Centre for the Middle East, said this seemed “very unlikely” as there had been a lot of negative reaction on both sides.

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