Foreign Policy features the Atlantic Council’s report Hiding in Plain Sight, which documents Russian activity in Ukraine:

Reports of Russian military involvement in eastern Ukraine are now all but impossible to ignore. Recent weeks have seen a series of well-documented, highly publicized reports detailing the extent to which Russian troops have been deployed. So on Thursday, Russian President Vladimir Putin took action to try to stem the flow of highly damaging reports. He signed a decree declaring the deaths of Russian soldiers during special operations carried out in peacetime be classified a state secret.

A series of recent studies has documented in painstaking detail the presence of Russian forces in Ukraine. Although Moscow denies that its troops are fighting in eastern Ukraine, the evidence clearly indicates otherwise, including, most recently, a study published by the Atlantic Council on Thursday. That report uses videos, photographs, and satellite images to track Russian military involvement throughout the conflict, which has claimed the lives of more than 6,100 people. The report states that during the past year of fighting, Russia has used temporary camps near the border as “launching points of Russia’s war in Ukraine.”

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