Voice of America quotes Rafik Hariri Center Deputy Director Danya Greenfield on whether there can be a lasting peace in Yemen: 

But Danya Greenfield, deputy director of Rafik Hariri Center for the Middle East, said while there is no doubt as to Saudi and Iranian involvement in Yemen, it is wrong to draw conclusions.

 “It would be misleading if we pictured the conflict in Yemen as a sectarian strife,” Greenfield  said. “It is a conflict over political power and authority.”


And using force in shifting the political balance threatens the future of Yemen, Greenfield said.

“I worry about the long-term cost of Houthis’ affirming the validity of using weapons to assert political aspirations,” she said.

Greenfield said if Houthis continue their refusal to withdraw from the capital, it could lead Yemen to more instability.

“If the Houthis do not actually implement their part of the agreement we are going to see prolonged period of tension and potential confrontations as well as more erosion of the Yemeni president credibility a s a leader of the country.” Greenfield said.

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