On April 18, Grieco was interviewed by the Decisive Point podcast about applying her concept of the “air littoral” to the air war in Ukraine.

“This convergence of new threats to air superiority in the air littoral meant that we need to update doctrinal conducts. In the past, air superiority was either won or lost in the ‘blue skies.’ This is where high-end fighters and bombers typically operate. And if you won that battle for the blue sky, it typically conferred control at all altitudes. But what we’re seeing increasingly is that even if you win in the blue sky, it doesn’t mean that you’re going to have control of low altitude airspace. As a result, we really need to update doctrinal concepts about air control, and not just think of it as being localized in time and lateral space, but also think about vertical control as well,” Grieco argued.

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