The United Arab Emirates’ The National quoted Amy Hawthorne, senior fellow at the Rafik Hariri Center for the Middle East, on US ambivalence in working with Egypt’s el Sisi government:

There is disagreement within the US administration about what course it  should take with Egypt.

“There is not yet a clear sense of how to proceed because the bigger picture  in Egypt is so unclear,” said Amy Hawthorne, a former state department official  who worked on US policy after the 2011 Arab uprisings.

“Some in the US might hope Sisi will stabilise the country and take charge of  the economy, [while] some within the administration are far more skeptical that  Egypt will turn the corner under Sisi.”

There are different views in the administration about how to engage with Mr  El Sisi’s government and how to encourage an economic reform agenda, while  others argue for limited engagement based on shared security interests “but not  make a huge effort beyond that”, said Ms Hawthorne, who is now with the Atlantic  Council think tank in Washington.

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