The New York Times quotes Rafik Hariri Center Frederic Hof on potential Alwate dissention from in the Syrian regime following Bashar al-Assad’s likely reelection: 

Frederic C. Hof, who handled Syria policy for the Obama administration until 2012, said another Alawite central to the state apparatus had described to him the “misery” of a community that felt “incriminated and cornered by an absolutely miserable clan of people,” but was genuinely terrified of insurgents.

Other such figures have made similar cases to American officials, Mr. Hof said. While some are angry that Mr. Assad did not hit his opponents even harder and earlier, Mr. Hof said others were dismayed that he had failed to make substantive political concessions to avert a conflict that had left their community widely demonized, and even now offers “not a single word of regret.”


Mr. Hof dismissed the notion that Mr. Assad would voluntarily share or relinquish power, adding, “Bashar and company are not losing any sleep about the fate of the Alawite community.”

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