The Washington Post cites Rafik Hariri Center Senior Fellow Frederic Hof on US policy on Syria:

Obama is not without options. As the State Department’s former Syria adviser Frederic Hof has suggested, one is simple: The Pentagon should publicly inform the Syrian government that any antiaircraft systems tracking U.S. planes will be destroyed, as will any of the regime’s military planes that take to the air.

The next step has long been sought by the Turkish government, which so far has been a reluctant ally in the anti­Islamic State campaign: Create a no-fly zone for Syrian aircraft over areas held by the rebels. With U.S. planes already operating in the area, this would be far simpler than it would have been before. It would, as Hof points out, finally allow the opposition Syrian National Coalition and its interim government to establish itself in the country and create a secure enclave.

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