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In the News May 3, 2021

How does big tech impact U.S. national security?

By Borja Prado

Tarun Wadhwa, Nonresident Fellow at the GeoTech Center, participated in a recent Foreign Affairs survey on the relationship between big tech companies and US national security. The publication asked dozens of experts, from national security practitioners to law professors, whether they agreed or disagreed with the follow statement: “Breaking up big tech companies would strengthen U.S. national security.” Mr. Wadhwa took issue with the debate proposition: in his view, “big threats require big investments—and these companies have the technical talent, computing resources, and data sets that make them best equipped to deal with today’s sophisticated online adversaries.” Mr. Wadhwa was not alone in this perspective, but not all experts agreed. Indeed, a plurality of those surveyed took a neutral stance, highlighting both the complexity and uncertainty of regulating Big Tech.

Read all the expert opinions at the link below.