Atlantic Council Chairman Jon M. Huntsman, Jr. writes for CNN GPS on civil disobedience in Hong Kong:

The remarkable display of civil disobedience by hundreds of thousands of Hong Kong citizens reflects a profound sense of desperation that has grown as China has closed off all political options and made it increasingly clear that it intends to call the shots.

In theory, the “Basic Law” spelling out the terms of the territory’s reversion to Chinese rule was to allow a “high degree of autonomy,” leaving in place Hong Kong’s rule of law, civil service and free-wheeling capitalist system. This was based on then Chinese President Deng Xiaoping’s clever formulation of “One Country, Two Systems” and negotiated painstakingly during the 1990s with the Thatcher administration of the United Kingdom.

Since 1997, when Hong Kong reverted to Chinese rule, many of China’s efforts at exerting political influence have been subtle, and, with a few exceptions such as implicitly limiting the press, Hong Kong has more or less been allowed to continue its open economy, legal system and freedom of assembly. But over time, it has appeared more one country and less two systems.

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