Atlantic Council Chairman Jon M. Huntsman, Jr. is quoted in The Hill on his appointment, announced today:

Former ambassador to China, Utah governor and GOP presidential hopeful Jon Huntsman, Jr. will be the new chairman of the Atlantic Council, the international relations think thank announced Wednesday.

“It is an honor to have been chosen as chair of the Atlantic Council at a time when it is poised to play an increasingly important global role,” Huntsman said in a press release. “We are at an historic inflection point where consistent and constructive U.S. leadership alongside our European allies — and in close cooperation with other global partners — will be decisive in shaping the future.”

Huntsman will succeed interim chairman General Brent Snowcroft, who held the post for a year following the confirmation of the previous chairman, Chuck Hagel, as secretary of Defense.“Huntsman is a first-class global thinker, public servant, and business leader all rolled up into one person,” said Snowcroft, who will remain the chairman of the Council’s International Advisory Board.

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