The Jewish Telegraphic Agency cites the Atlantic Council and the 2014 Global Citizen Awards Ceremony:

How many 92-year-old statesmen do you know that would be good-natured enough to star in a video in which he is told he has no marketable skills and then tries his hand at being a gas pump attendant, mall security guard, pizza deliveryman, stand-up comedian and parachute jump instructor?

All in good fun, of course.

And he does get to deliver a few of his favorite messages along the way: “If you keep refusing every offer you receive, you’ll pay a hefty price”; “Nanotechnology is the future”; “When there’s nothing you can do anything.”

The movie was filmed by Peres’ granddaughter Mica Almog, according to Haaretz. It was screened on Sunday night at a meeting of the Atlantic Council in New York.

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