The Financial Times quotes Transatlantic Relations Program Nonresident Senior Fellow Adrian Karatnycky on the foreign-born ministers now serving Ukraine:

The unorthodox decision to appoint so many foreign-born technocrats to Ukraine’s government brings reform experience gained elsewhere to a country overwhelmed by war and economic slump. But it also aims to help achieve a clean break with a system long “captured” by billionaire business oligarchs.

“It’s hard to find experienced Ukrainian managers without a past [involving] rent-seeking for one of the major oligarchic groups,” says Adrian Karatnycky, senior fellow at the Atlantic Council think-tank.


But Mr Karatnycky says the new appointments have “worked reasonably well”. Leszek Balcerowicz, architect of Poland’s successful 1990s shock therapy reforms, has described the homegrown and imported cohort as the best government Ukraine has had.adrian

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