Natural Gas Europe interviews Eurasian Energy Futures Initiative Director David Koranyi on how the energy market will affect relations between Russia and Turkey in 2016:

The global energy scene is in an “age of extraordinary complexity,” according to the director of the Eurasian Energy Futures Initiative at the Atlantic Council David Koranyi.

“It’s not just the energy sector, but all across the board,” he explains. “It’s really difficult to stay on top of things. There are more players, more diffuse information – a barrage of information. So it’s not really the lack of information, but the overwhelming amount of it and how you select what you read, who you talk to, and how you make sure that you’re on top of things.

“You don’t get lost in the details, but at the same time you have to know enough to actually be able to put together the big picture in an accurate way. It’s a daily struggle,” he says.

Having just turned the page on the year 2015, Natural Gas Europe had the chance to catch up with Koranyi to hear his views on how incidents like Turkey’s shooting down of a Russian jet fighter will affect those countries’ energy relations and regional pipeline projects, and how countries like his native Hungary may influence the European debate over Nord Stream II.

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