Brent Scowcroft Center Distinguished Fellow Franklin D. Kramer, Nonresident Senior Fellow Jeff Lightfoot, and Deputy Director Magnus Nordenman write for Defense News regarding France’s need for NATO support:

The purpose of an alliance is to support an ally facing difficulty. NATO, which has been called the most successful alliance in history, has an opportunity to support France, which has taken a hard decision to the benefit of its allies and the West.

Having chosen to void the sale of two Mistral helicopter carriers to Russia in light of Moscow’s aggression in Ukraine, France now is faced with an approximate two billion dollar hole in its budget as well as significant job losses. While it is entirely up to France as to how they wish to handle the Mistrals — and the French defense minister apparently will be discussing a sale with Malaysia as this is written — a positive outcome for multiple reasons would be for NATO to purchase the Mistrals.

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