On January 27, Foreign Policy published a biweekly column featuring Scowcroft Center deputy director Matthew Kroenig and New American Engagement Initiative senior fellow Emma Ashford assessing the latest news in international affairs.

In their latest column, they gauge Ukraine’s importance as a US security interest and debate how far the US should go to defend the country against Russian aggression.

Is Ukraine really so important to global security that the United States should be defending it? It seems like all the rhetoric from Washington says yes, but the actions say no. If it’s so important, why not defend it in 2014? Or why not make a stronger commitment today?

Emma Ashford

This is about the system and principles the United States and its democratic allies put in place after the end of the Cold War. I don’t think anyone wants to go back to a world in which dictators invade their neighbors and the world stands aside… I’d rather not take that chance.

Matthew Kroenig

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