On December 15, Foreign Policy published its biweekly “It’s Debatable” column featuring the discussions between Matthew Kroenig, vice president and senior director of the Scowcroft Center, and Emma Ashford on the latest news in international affairs. In their latest column, they revisit the major events of 2023, including the wars in Ukraine and Gaza and the rocky road of US-China relations.

The Oct. 7 attack reminded us that the Middle East…remains an important geostrategic region, and Washington and its allies cannot afford to ignore it.

Matthew Kroenig

I interpret the Oct. 7 attack a bit differently…[T]he attack was a reminder that no matter how much the United States and even Arab states would like to ignore the Palestinian question in favor of more interesting anti-China or anti-Iran coalitions, it won’t go away unless it’s somehow resolved.

Emma Ashford

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