Adrienne Arsht Center Deputy Director Jason Marczak writes for the Huffington Post on President Obama’s temporary solution to our permanent broken immigrant system: 

After months — and even years — of anticipation, President Barack Obama has provided an imperfect solution for nearly half the country’s unauthorized immigrants. The bold decision to wield his executive authority will extend legal status to up to five million unauthorized immigrants; make it easier for high-skilled workers to stay; and strengthen security along the border with Mexico. It has been a long time coming. His actions will affect many more unauthorized immigrants than even President Reagan’s 1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act.

The president has provided a temporary solution to a permanent problem. That permanent problem is our broken immigration system.

Obama’s action addresses the lawlessness that currently exists because of our broken system. Our Immigration and Customs Enforcement can now stop going after fathers and mothers and instead focus its energy on the serious criminals and other real threats to our country.

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