Fox News Latino quotes Adrienne Arsht Latin America Center Deputy Director Jason Marczak on how Brazil’s President Rousseff hopes to repair her image and the Brazilian economy during her US visit:

“Dilma needs some big wins to boost her popularity,” Jason Marczak, ‎Deputy Director at the Atlantic Council’s Adrienne Arsht Latin America Center, told Fox News Latino. “Dilma’s trip here is not going to reverse her presidency, but what it can do is start a steadier stream of good news that could reverse her presidency.”

Under Rousseff, Brazil’s attitude toward the United States has been driven more by the situation at home. The cancelled 2013 trip, for one, was just as much about Brazilians’ outrage at being the top Latin American target for the NSA as it was about the billions of emails and telephone calls scooped up in the NSA’s nets.

In hindsight, however, some experts are saying that Rousseff might have prevented some of her current difficulties – at least in terms of foreign investment from the United States. – by having made the official state visit two years ago.

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