US News and World Report quotes Adrienne Arsht Center Deputy Director Jason Marczak on Venezuela winning a nonpermanent seat on the UN Security Council:

Socialist Venezuela traditionally has opposed U.S. and Western positions on international issues. Jason Marczak, deputy director of the Adrienne Arsht Latin America Center at the Atlantic Council, says the country’s presence on the council will mean a vote against the American position on nearly every topic.

“Whatever global issue you can think of that the U.S. would have an opinion on, I think Venezuela is going to take an opposing viewpoint,” Marczak says.


This time, the U.S. was silent on Maduro’s bid, which Marczak attributes in part to so many other world crises requiring attention. It also downplays the significance of the winning bid.

“The approach of the U.S. to Venezuela joining the Security Council is to not give Maduro an opportunity to further play up this as a diplomatic success at home,” Marczak says. “The way he’d be able to do that is by showing the opposition of the U.S. and his ability to overcome the U.S. opposition, and by the U.S. being quiet, it’s much less of a diplomatic victory for Maduro.”

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