Adrienne Arsht Latin America Center Director Jason Marczak writes for FOX News Latino on how the United States can support El Salvador’s new government:

… With the elections now over, and with the transition teams of President-elect Sánchez Cerén and President Mauricio Funes-both from the FMLN-already meeting, the question now is what steps can be taken to advance economic growth and improve security in this deeply divided country.

The role of the United States is critical. The nearly 2 million Salvadorans living in the United States send home remittances that account for approximately 17 percent of GDP. This nearly $4 billion in annual remittances should be more effectively channeled to ensure that families are favoring long-term investments over short-term priorities.  The United States also has a deep interest in helping to create formal labor market jobs so that youth are not forced to join a gang or embark on the treacherous journey north in search of opportunity.

Appropriate investments in joint efforts that are already working should be a priority. It is time to move forward with the second, five-year Millennium Challenge Corporation compact that would provide $277 million to boost productivity in internationally traded goods and services. 

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