Voice of America quotes Rafik Hariri Center Senior Fellow Karim Mezran on how the conflict in Libya affects neighboring countries and the region more broadly: 

“The US has decided that the Europeans should take the lead on Libya but they aren’t showing leadership and there appears to be confusion among the Europeans about what to do,” said Karim Mezran, a senior fellow at the U.S.-based think tank the Atlantic Council. “I am a greater believer in American leadership.”

Mezran has called for the international community to step in “forcing, under threat of military intervention, all warring factions to leave the major urban cities and surrender their heavy weaponry.” This could consist of targeted air force attacks against those brigades and militias that do not comply with the ultimatum, he said, and with a peacekeeping force sent in once agreement has been reached and national reconciliation talks launched.


“If that happens, there will be a full-fledged civil war and all we will be able to do is sit and watch,” Mezran said.

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