Daily Nation quotes Africa Center Director J. Peter Pham on Secretary of State John Kerry’s visit to Kenya and what it means for US-Kenya relations:

“There’s now re-engagement with Kenya at the highest level,” said Mr Peter Pham, director of Africa programmes at the Atlantic Council think-tank in Washington. “It’s a reset of the relationship.”


The instability throughout the sub-Sahara region resulting from Shabaab’s attacks in Kenya, Uganda and Djibouti, as well as in Somalia, will be a key topic of conversations between Secretary Kerry and President Kenyatta, US officials say. “But it won’t be the only topic,” Mr Pham observes.

Economic matters will also be on the Kerry agenda. “The Obama legacy regarding Africa will not depend as much on the security aspect as on business aspects,” Mr Pham says. Kenya is seen as pivotal in that regard because it is the leading member of the East African Community. “Certainly, the EAC is leaps and bounds ahead of any sub-region in Africa in terms of what has been accomplished in economic integration,” Mr Pham says.

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