Daily Sabah Elections quotes Hariri Center Director Francis Ricciardone on President Obama’s comments regarding Turkey’s role in the fight against ISIS:

Speaking at a press conference in Germany after the G7 meetings, Obama said that to better counter the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS), more concrete progress is needed to monitor the Turkish-Syrian border effectively. “We are still seeing thousands of foreign fighters flowing into, first, Syria, and then, oftentimes, ultimately into Iraq. And not all of that is preventable, but a lot of it is preventable – if we’ve got better cooperation, better coordination, better intelligence,” he said.


Former US ambassador to Ankara Francis Ricciardone, who is currently the vice president of the Washington-based Atlantic Council, told Daily Sabah that he doubts that Obama was making any connection on this matter with the Turkish election results. “I took his comment as an observation of a reality as he sees it, not a matter of ‘blaming’ Turkey,” he said.

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