The National quotes Brent Scowcroft Center Resident Senior Fellow for Middle East Security Bilal Y. Saab on how the NATO Summit presents an opportunity for the Alliance to forge a stronger relationship with the United Arab Emirates: 

“The UAE will get a better sense of how serious Nato is about strengthening the partnership and what the alliance is truly offering,” said Bilal Saab, a senior fellow for Middle East Security at the Brent Scowcroft Centre on International Security at the Atlantic Council in Washington. “This will be an important information-gathering exercise about their intentions and mechanisms of further cooperation.”

Although the UAE is not a Nato member-state, it will take part in the summit, along with 60 other countries, as an observer.

“Nato is desperate for a capable and reliable partner from the Middle East that can share its knowledge of the region’s cultures and politics and also contribute to regional security,” said Mr Saab.

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