Natural Gas Europe quotes Global Energy Center Nonresident Senior Fellow Brenda Shaffer and South Asia Center Nonresident Senior Fellow Barbara Slavin on the future of gas in Iran after the Iran deal from an Atlantic Council panel discussion on the role of natural gas in Iran’s energy future: 

On Tuesday, at an Atlantic Council panel discussion on the future of Iranian energy, “Post Agreement: The Role of Natural Gas in Iran’s Energy Future,” Dr. Brenda Shaffer, Visiting Researcher and Adjunct Professor at Georgetown University, said the prospect of Iranian gas supplying Europe might take “years and years.”

She observed, “We’re seeing a lot of hype, seeing Iran as an alternative to Russian gas, in the form of Europe’s new LNG strategy.”


According to Barbara Slavin, Washington Correspondent for Al-Monitor, as part of the JCPOA agreement Iran will once again be able to access international banks, get insurance, attract investment, sell petroleum and have access to US currency. She said, “I don’t foresee the US congress being to reimpose the sanctions. Only a massive violation by Iran would cause sanctions to return, but the country needs to sell oil and gas and get reentry onto the markets.”

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