US News and World Report quotes South Asia Center Nonresident Senior Fellow Barbara Slavin on how the nuclear deal could affect future US-Iran relations:

But Barbara Slavin, a nonresident senior fellow with the South Asia Center at the Atlantic Council, says Iran has some growing up it needs to do it if truly wants to be taken seriously on Middle East matters.

“They want to be respected,” Slavin says. “They don’t want to be excluded from the security discussions about the region, but many of their actions are such that they antagonize the Arab states and I think make this whole process even more difficult.”


“That’s the sort of thing that drives people nuts about Iran – that it does these things that responsible stakeholders in the international system shouldn’t do, but it does them anyway and it always has, certainly since the Islamic Republic came in,” Slavin says. “Iran has to grow up sometime. It has to stop chanting ‘death to America,’ it has to stop taking hostages before it’s going to be accepted as a constructive actor in the region.”

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