Brent Scowcroft Center Senior Adviser Harlan Ullman writes for UPI on why winning a war should top the United States’ list of resolutions in 2015:

Isn’t it about time that America won a war? Some will rightly observe that every war the U.S. started, it lost. Forget the misnomered wars on drugs, poverty, racism and the like. Think instead about Vietnam, the war on terror, Afghanistan and the second Iraq war.Why did we lose or, more generously, failed to succeed in each? Understanding why and permanently imbedding that understanding in the nation’s DNA for future generations would be an invaluable new year’s resolution to keep.

The Iraq War of 1990-91 was not part of this list because we did not start it and more importantly because the coalition succeeded in its objective of evicting Saddam Hussein from Kuwait destroying a large measure of his army in the process. Yet in the four other “wars,” the nation failed.

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