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Tue, Jun 30, 2020

The future of high-tech warfare


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Fri, Jun 11, 2021

Despite COVID-19 pandemic, NATO defense spending continues to rise

Even in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, NATO allies have continued to increase their defense investments.

New Atlanticist by Connor McPartland

Defense Industry Europe & Eurasia

Tue, Jun 8, 2021

Transformative priorities for national defense

Today, the United States faces multi-theater and multi-domain challenges different from any presented since World War II—and, in fact, ever. This report addresses these pivotal challenges by advancing key transformative priorities for an effective US national defense strategy, both in the "American theater" at home and in the forward theaters abroad.

Report by Franklin D. Kramer and Lt. Col. Matthew R. Crouch

China Defense Industry

Thu, May 27, 2021

Enhancing US-Japan cooperation on global supply chains

Mounting US-China tensions and the COVID-19 pandemic have led to growing calls in the United States and among its allies and partners, including Japan, to address the vulnerabilities in global supply chains critical to national security and economic competitiveness.

In-Depth Research & Reports by Miyeon Oh, James Hildebrand

Defense Industry Defense Technologies

Tue, May 18, 2021

Grundman in Aviation Week on defense sector

Forward Defense Senior Fellow Steven Grundman in Aviation Week on future directions that the defense sector may evolve toward.

In the News

Defense Industry Defense Technologies

Tue, May 11, 2021

Lt Col Mulder in Air and Space Power Journal on the Corsair

Forward Defense Senior US Air Force Fellow Lt Col Christopher P. Mulder published a book review in the Air & Space Power Journal on the novel "Widowmaker: Living and Dying with the Corsair."

In the News by Atlantic Council

Conflict Defense Industry

Mon, May 10, 2021

Mission resilience: Adapting defense aerospace to evolving cybersecurity challenges

While aerospace presents inherently distinct challenges from other spaces, defense organizations could look to the private sector and adapt commercial practices to implement the principles of resilience.

Report by Simon Handler, Trey Herr, Steve Luczynski, and Reed Porada

Cybersecurity Defense Industry

Tue, May 4, 2021

A plea to the Pentagon: Don’t sacrifice resilience on the altar of innovation

US defense systems are vulnerable because they are brittle and unmaintained, and thus not resilient. Fixing it will require a new approach to acquisition.

New Atlanticist by JC Herz

Cybersecurity Defense Industry

Mon, May 3, 2021

How the US and EU can counter digital threats together

Russian and Chinese threats all seek to exploit gaps in Western cyber defenses and digital and information governance. To close these gaps as a part of its defense strategy, the United States should develop a strong collaborative relationship with the European Union in the digital and information sphere.

Seizing the advantage by Harry I. Hannah

Cybersecurity Defense Industry

Wed, Apr 28, 2021

Nurkin in Defense News on future US space capabilities

Forward Defense Nonresident Senior Fellow Tate Nurkin published an article in DefenseNews titled "What focus areas are key to America's future space capabilities?"

In the News by Atlantic Council

Defense Industry Defense Technologies
Cover credit: Helen Lundeberg, “The Veil,” 1947, The Macfarlane Collection

Sun, Apr 11, 2021

The future of security in space: A thirty-year US strategy

Outer space is rapidly transforming as new actors test new limits. This Atlantic Council Strategy Paper calls for the United States and its allies and partners to secure space over the next three decades or risk wasting the promise of this emerging domain.

Atlantic Council Strategy Paper Series by Clementine G. Starling, Mark J. Massa, Lt Col Christopher P. Mulder, and Julia T. Siegel

China Cybersecurity