James Taiclet at the FD Forum

Event Recap

May 26, 2022

Lockheed Martin CEO James D. Taiclet on 21st century security and the Russia-Ukraine war

By Caroline Steel

At the inaugural Forward Defense Forum, Lockheed Martin CEO James Taiclet breaks down 21st century security, the war in Ukraine, and new frontiers for defense innovation.

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In the News

May 25, 2022

Konaev in the news on artificial intelligence and the Department of Defense.

By Atlantic Council

Margarita Konaev comments on the Department of Defense's implementation of artificial intelligence.

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May 25, 2022

Eye to eye in AI: Developing artificial intelligence for national security and defense

By Tate Nurkin, Margarita Konaev

As artificial intelligence transforms national security and defense, it is imperative for the Department of Defense, Congress, and the private sector to closely collaborate in order to advance major AI development priorities. However, key barriers remain. As China and Russia develop their own capabilities, the stakes of the military AI competition are high, and time is short.

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Event Recap

May 25, 2022

Nexus 22 in review

By Alyxandra Marine, Caroline Steel, Christian Trotti

On May 17, 2022, the Scowcroft Center's Forward Defense practice collaborated with Applied Intuition to host Nexus 22, a symposium at the intersection of autonomy, defense, and national security. The symposium addressed and answered key questions on the future of autonomous systems in competition, deterrence, and warfare.

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Event Recap

May 18, 2022

Viva la space: Why the commercial small satellite revolution matters for the US government

By Madison Littlepage

A panel of space experts and practitioners discuss with Forward Defense how the US government can leverage commercial small satellite technology to secure the space domain.

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Event Recap

May 11, 2022

How can the US and NATO help bring about Russia’s ‘strategic failure’ in Ukraine?

By Connor McPartland

On May 2, the Scowcroft Center's Transatlantic Security Initiative hosted a public conference discussing priorities for the upcoming NATO Summit and next steps for security in Europe.

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Several tiny satellites photographed by an Expedition 33 crew member on the International Space Station. The satellites were released outside the Kibo laboratory using a Small Satellite Orbital Deployer attached to the Japanese module’s robotic arm on Oct. 4, 2012. Source: NASA, “Several tiny satellites,” Wikimedia Commons, October 4, 2012,


May 5, 2022

Small satellites: The implications for national security

By Nicholas Eftimiades

Forward Defense nonresident senior fellow Nicholas Eftimiades considers how the US government can better leverage commercial satellites to enhance space security.

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May 2, 2022

The Pentagon needs a new technology strategy to deter Russia and China, says Lockheed Martin CEO

By Atlantic Council

Lockheed Martin Chairman, President, and Chief Executive Officer James Taiclet joined the Atlantic Council to talk about a security strategy for the twenty-first century.

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May 1, 2022

Finally! German MPs back heavy weapons for Ukraine in historic vote

By Vitaly Sych

The German Bundestag on April 28 finally agreed to supply heavy weapons to Ukraine in an historic vote that marked a departure from months of caution in Berlin and efforts to avoid confrontation with the Kremlin.

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Fast Thinking

Apr 28, 2022

FAST THINKING: The US arms Ukraine for the long haul. Is it enough?

By Atlantic Council

Taken together, the $33 billion funding appeal and so-called Lend-Lease program will send a clear message to Russia.

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