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Tue, Jun 30, 2020

The future of high-tech warfare


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Fri, Nov 15, 2019

McFate quoted in the Daily Maverick on Russian shadow war tactics

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Africa Defense Industry

Mon, Nov 4, 2019

Dagres joins The Monocle to discuss the Iran Nuclear Deal and Tehran’s withdrawals after sanctions

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Arms Control Defense Industry

Thu, Oct 24, 2019

Simakovsky quoted in NPR on weapons systems helping Ukraine’s conflict with Russia

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Conflict Defense Industry

Wed, Oct 16, 2019

Speranza quoted in Defense One on Turkey’s military ties to NATO and Russian influence

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Defense Industry Defense Technologies

Mon, Oct 7, 2019

The implications of fifth-generation aircraft for transatlantic airpower: A primer

A new operational architecture is being created, one in which fifth-generation platforms are nodes on a network that spans multiple domains.

Report by Secretary Deborah Lee James and Dr. Daniel Gouré

Defense Industry Defense Technologies

Tue, Oct 1, 2019

Reenergizing transatlantic space cooperation: Opportunities in security and beyond

The transatlantic alliance needs to recognize and address challenges to space assurance, and take full advantage of the many changes sweeping the space industry.

Report by Stephen Ganote, Janie Yurechko, Diana Jack, and Connor O'Shea

Defense Industry Security & Defense

Thu, Sep 5, 2019

Purveying arms through carrot and stick

US arms sales to India have risen more than fivefold over the last five years and now account for 12 per cent of India’s defense imports, according to a recent study by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI).

New Atlanticist by Sarosh Bana

Defense Industry India

Thu, Jul 25, 2019

Uskowi quoted in the National Interest on Iran’s air force

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Defense Industry Defense Policy

Mon, Jul 8, 2019

Biberman releases Gambling with Violence: State Outsourcing of War in Pakistan and India (Oxford University Press)

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Defense Industry India

Wed, Jul 3, 2019

McFate quoted in The Express on how the west is wasting resources on conventional weapons systems

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