Jun 29, 2022

Trouble for Emerging Markets could spell trouble for all

By Jeff Goldstein

With emerging markets in a difficult position, they should be encouraged to use capital controls in some circumstances, develop more effective debt resolution programs, and acquire funds from advanced economies and international financial institutions.

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New Atlanticist

Jun 24, 2022

Seven trends to watch as the world’s richest countries get together

By the GeoEconomics Center

From inflation to sanctions, these are the key questions facing the G7 countries—which represent around half the global economy—at their upcoming summit.

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In the News

Jun 23, 2022

Chhibber opinion piece for The Economic Times: WTO must emphasise that it is not just about free trade but also about fair trade

By Atlantic Council

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Blog Post

Jun 20, 2022

The WTO Ministerial Agreement – Problematic Progress

By Barbara C. Matthews

Ministers at the World Trade Organization (WTO) triggered headlines proclaiming an historic trade agreement on e-commerce, fishing, and vaccines. In reality, their accomplishments are far more mundane. Many are relieved that the WTO even continues to exist amid deepening geopolitical splintering.

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Jun 20, 2022

The case for a US-India digital handshake

By Atlantic Council US-India Digital Economy Task Force

This report advocates for a US-India “digital handshake” to overcome substantive and institutional barriers in US-India digital economic cooperation.

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In the News

Jun 18, 2022

Lipsky cited in Newsweek on impact of Fed interest rate hikes

Read the full article here.

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In the News

Jun 18, 2022

Lipsky cited in iNews on impact of Fed interest rate hikes on emerging markets

Read the full article here.

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Jun 15, 2022

Saeed in World Politics Review: Biden’s Indo-Pacific economic ‘whatever’ misses the mark

By Atlantic Council

On June 15, Nonresident Senior Fellow Ferial Saeed published an article in World Politics Review that critiqued the Biden administration’s Indo-Pacific Economic Framework for its lack of specifics and failure to make meaningful progress on trade policy. “Biden officials are betting that a “nontraditional” trade pact will be an easier sell domestically, but the negative […]

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Jun 13, 2022

Quasi-state financial institutions and the Bretton Woods: A case for collaboration?

By Amin Mohseni-Cheraghlou

The emergence of new regional entities in global finance means the Bretton Woods Institutions are no longer the sole flag-bearers of economic development and financial stability.

Africa Americas
Man carries a sack of wheat at World Food Program warehouse in Gode

Engagement Reframed

Jun 9, 2022

Engagement Reframed #7: Defending democracy and countering China requires US and Western support for a beleaguered developing world

By Mathew Burrows

The war in Ukraine has become a turning point for developing countries, many of whom could give up the gains made in economic growth and reduction in poverty over the past three decades.

Africa Americas