Event Recap

Oct 18, 2022

Congressional oversight of intelligence for great-power competition

By Aidan Poling

Missed our October 4 event on intelligence committee and community reform? Then read the recap here.

China Defense Policy


Oct 17, 2022

Ukraine has a Russia problem not a Putin problem

By Taras Kuzio

Ukraine appears poised to defeat Putin's invasion but Russia will continue to pose an existential threat to Ukrainian statehood until Russians learn to accept that Ukraine is a sovereign and independent nation.

Conflict Democratic Transitions


Oct 14, 2022

Scowcroft Strategy Scorecard: What grade does Biden’s National Security Strategy get?

By Atlantic Council

Our strategy experts praised the document for being clear-eyed about the challenges posed by Russia and China, but downgraded it for a lack of focus as well as concerns about how to implement its ambitious aims.

National Security Politics & Diplomacy

New Atlanticist

Oct 12, 2022

Experts react: The hits and misses in Biden’s new National Security Strategy

By Atlantic Council experts

We put the call out to our experts from across the Atlantic Council: Does this document deliver? What does it get right and what’s missing?

Middle East National Security


Oct 12, 2022

No, Russia’s airstrike escalation is not retaliation for the Crimean Bridge

By Razom Advocacy Team

International media coverage depicting Russia's recent airstrike escalation as retaliation for the alleged Ukrainian attack on the Crimean Bridge risks creating false equivalency over Vladimir Putin's war of aggression.

Conflict Disinformation


Oct 9, 2022

Ukraine and Moldova move to disarm Vladimir Putin’s energy weapon

By Aura Sabadus

With the winter heating season now underway, Ukraine and neighboring Moldova both continue to make progress toward reducing dependence on Russian gas and disarming Vladimir Putin's energy weapon.

Conflict European Union


Oct 6, 2022

Ukraine’s top NATO priority should be weapons, not fast-track membership

By Steven Pifer

Ukraine's recent application for fast-track NATO accession is unlikely to receive the necessary backing from alliance members but appeals for more weapons would pay dividends for Kyiv, writes Steven Pifer.

Conflict European Union


Oct 5, 2022

Memo to Elon Musk: Only Ukrainian victory can stop Vladimir Putin

By Doug Klain

Elon Musk recently became the latest high-profile figure to argue that Ukraine should cede land to Russia in exchange for peace. These advocates of appeasement fail to grasp the genocidal nature of Vladimir Putin's war.

Conflict Disinformation


Oct 3, 2022

Will Putin send mobilized Russians to Belarus for a new Kyiv offensive?

By Alesia Rudnik

Vladimir Putin’s decision to order Russia’s first mobilization since World War II has revived fears in neighboring Belarus that the country could be dragged into the invasion of Ukraine and a new march on Kyiv.

Belarus Civil Society


Sep 29, 2022

Referendum coverage proves media is still vulnerable to Russian disinformation

By Peter Dickinson

International coverage of Russia's sham referendums in occupied regions of Ukraine has served to highlight the continued influence of Kremlin disinformation at some of the world's leading media outlets, writes Peter Dickinson.

Conflict Disinformation