New Atlanticist

May 17, 2023

Ecuador’s president just invoked ‘mutual death’ to avoid impeachment. Here’s why it matters.

By Atlantic Council experts

President Guillermo Lasso of Ecuador has used a rare constitutional mechanism to dissolve the National Assembly. Atlantic Council experts share their insights on what it means and what comes next.

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New Atlanticist

May 16, 2023

Chile’s right is in the driver’s seat for creating a new constitution. Can it succeed?

By Ignacia Ulloa Peters

Chileans just elected members to the council meeting soon to deliberate about a new constitution. Two-thirds of the seats went to center-right and far-right candidates, who now need to agree on a constitution Chileans will vote on in December.

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Apr 12, 2023

As Sudan’s transition to democracy accelerates, reforming the security forces must be a top priority

By Benjamin Mossberg

The Sudanese Armed Forces and the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces must be governed by the rule of law and work to protect democracy and human rights in Sudan.

Africa Conflict


Apr 12, 2023

Atlantic Council Commission on Defense Innovation Adoption interim report  

By Eric Lofgren*, Whitney M. McNamara, and Peter Modigliani

The DoD must accelerate defense innovation adoption from the leading edge of the private sector. This report has ten recommendations to do so.

China Defense Industry

New Atlanticist

Mar 29, 2023

How can Latin America halt its democratic backsliding? And how can the US help?

By Antonio Garrastazu and Casey Cagley

All aid either hinders or helps democratic development, and donors to Latin America should be intentional about aligning all forms of assistance to make sure they support countries’ democratic development.

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Mar 28, 2023

The real definition of victory for Ukraine

By Victor Pinchuk

Genuine Ukrainian independence will only come with the country as a member of the European Union and NATO, writes Victor Pinchuk.

Civil Society Conflict

In the News

Mar 24, 2023

Pavia joins Il Post to discuss Tunisia’s democratic backsliding  

By Atlantic Council

Africa Middle East


Mar 17, 2023

How the war in Iraq changed the world—and what change could come next

By Atlantic Council experts

Our experts break down how this conflict has transformed not only military operations and strategy, but also diplomacy, intelligence, national security, energy security, economic statecraft, and much more.

Climate Change & Climate Action Conflict

In the News

Mar 15, 2023

Karim Mezran in The National Interest: Four Possible Scenarios for Tunisia’s Political Crisis

By Atlantic Council

North Africa Political Reform

In the News

Mar 13, 2023

Karim Mezran in Arab Digest: No End in Sight: Libya’s Consolidated Criminal Networks

By Atlantic Council

Libya Middle East