Jun 18, 2024

Turkey signed two major deals with Somalia. Will it be able to implement them?

By Kiran Baez

Turkey will face major challenges from both external and domestic pressure in implementing its hydrocarbons and maritime security deals.

East Africa Geopolitics & Energy Security

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Jun 16, 2024

Charai in the National Interest: Assessing the G-7 Summit

By Atlantic Council

Europe & Eurasia Middle East


Jun 15, 2024

The view from Kyiv: Why Ukrainian NATO membership is in US interests

By Alyona Getmanchuk

US President Joe Biden recently voiced his skepticism over Ukrainian NATO membership, but enabling Ukraine to join the alliance would be in American interests, writes Alyona Getmanchuk.

Conflict Defense Policy


Jun 12, 2024

Ukraine is making the Russian occupation of Crimea untenable

By Olivia Yanchik

Ukraine's growing air strike capabilities are decimating Russian air defenses in Crimea and making the occupation of the peninsula increasingly untenable, writes Olivia Yanchik.

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Jun 11, 2024

Victory in Ukraine would dramatically strengthen Putin’s war machine

By Peter Dickinson

Victory in Ukraine would greatly strengthen Russia militarily, economically, and strategically, while severely weakening the West. Faced with such uniquely favorable circumstances, it is fanciful to suggest a triumphant Putin would simply stop, writes Peter Dickinson.

Conflict Defense Industry

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Jun 11, 2024

Rudder mentioned in international media on Taiwan-US Defense Industry Forum

This week, IPSI nonresident senior fellow Steven R. Rudder was mentioned in a South China Morning Post article and pieces by Focus Taiwan, China Daily, the Taipei Times, and Taiwan News regarding his participation in the Taiwan-US Defense Industry Forum, where he engaged in discussions regarding Taiwan’s procurement requirements for advanced defense technologies. 

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Jun 4, 2024

Vladimir Putin just tacitly admitted Crimea is not really part of Russia

By Peter Dickinson

Russia claims to have annexed five Ukrainian provinces but refuses to extend security red lines to these regions. This highlights the pragmatic political realities behind Putin's talk of historic conquests, writes Peter Dickinson.

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Jun 3, 2024

Garlauskas quoted in The Hill on Russia-North Korea relationship

On June 2, Markus Garlauskas was quoted in The Hill regarding the steadily growing relationship between Russia and North Korea and the challenges it presents to the Biden administration. Garlauskas discussed the risk that this increasing cooperation may help advance North Korea’s military capabilities and embolden Kim Jong Un, potentially raising his willingness to escalate.

Defense Technologies Indo-Pacific


May 30, 2024

If the West wants a sustainable peace it must commit to Ukrainian victory

By Hanna Hopko, Andrius Kubilius

Since 2022, Western policies of escalation management have failed to appease Putin and have only emboldened the Kremlin. If the West wants peace, it must help Ukraine win, write Hanna Hopko and Andrius Kubilius.

Civil Society Conflict


May 28, 2024

‘The time has come’: Calls grow to allow Ukrainian strikes inside Russia

By Peter Dickinson

Pressure is building for the US and other NATO allies to lift restrictions on the use of Western weapons for Ukrainian strikes inside Russia, writes Peter Dickinson.

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