Olivia Krys

Web3 Project Manager

Olivia Krys is a Web3 Project Manager who works with hospitality companies to orchestrate the creation of digital asset programs that generate an intimate experience for their community of consumers. Most recently, Olivia led the creation of a $20 million dollar NFT program for Major Food Group’s Carbone.

Olivia also works as a representative for Reserve Blockchain – an organization that is introducing a new-era of open-source and energy conservative blockchain services.

Olivia is certified in Blockchain Technologies, Innovations, and Applications from the MIT School of Management. She studied economics and blockchain services, and holds a BA in Business Management and Marketing from NYU. Olivia is a social advocate, and looks forward to continued work with disenfranchised communities by creating economic and digital financial literacy learning opportunities.

When she is not building new projects, Olivia is working on finishing her health coaching and nutrition certification from the Integrated Institute of Nutrition. Beyond furthering her education, Olivia believes that the utilization of blockchain protocols may bring groups of people together.

Olivia’s multicultural background gives her unique insight in the ability to market and target different groups. A New York resident, Olivia grew up in Miami and Colorado.