Ville V. Korpela

Executive Director

Impact Innovation Institute

Ville V. Korpela is the Executive Director at the Impact Innovation Institute and a member of the Councilors Program at the Atlantic Council. Korpela is also a Venture Partner at an AI focused early stage Brain VC Fund based in Madrid and an Advisor at a Silicon Valley based late stage investment firm GoldenArc Capital, acting as a regional representative and a liaison with sovereign wealth funds and government entities in the GCC region. His work focuses on advising international technology funds and startups on investment strategy and fundraising, as well as advising governments on strategic asset allocation and developing public private partnerships on emerging technologies.

Korpela has previously worked as a Consultant and Research Fellow at the Dubai Future Foundation, focusing on emerging technologies, long-range strategic policies and scenario planning. Korpela started his career as a Russian and Eurasian Affairs analyst at a strategic communications consultancy Eurofacts and went on to focus on Mergers and Acquisitions and Corporate Finance in emerging markets, working for companies such as Ernst & Young, Renaissance Capital and FIM Securities.

Korpela is a Doctoral Researcher at the Finland Futures Research Centre. He is also a visiting lecturer at the Prince Mohammed Bin Fahd University in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, focusing on strategic foresight. An expert in future technologies and Eurasian and Middle East geopolitics, Korpela’s work has been published on Politico Europe, The National Interest and Russian Investment Review.

Korpela earned his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Economics and Business Administration from the Turku School of Economics in Finland. Ville works and lives in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.