The Frontiers Project Meeting will address the continued potential for Wyoming—as a first-mover state in advanced nuclear—to spur economic development by meeting increased global demand for low-emissions manufacturing.

JACKSON, WYOMING – SEPTEMBER 13, 2023 – The Atlantic Council Global Energy Center announced today the convening of the second annual Frontiers Project Meeting, which will take place Wednesday, September 20 in Jackson, Wyoming. The meeting will discuss how advanced nuclear energy can spur low-emissions production and manufacturing, as well as address the economic and energy security imperatives of establishing US leadership in meeting global demand for low-emissions technologies.

“Wyoming continues to stand out as a national leader in energy production and innovation. This is why we are convening government officials, academia, and industry leaders in Wyoming to discuss clean energy solutions in the Mountain West and beyond,” says Jennifer Gordon, director of the Nuclear Energy Policy Initiative at the Global Energy Center.

As global markets increasingly demand low-emissions products, first-mover states like Wyoming will likely see opportunities to diversify and grow their economies through low-emissions manufacturing. Advanced nuclear energy technologies have the potential to play a major role in this economic shift.

The meeting will feature interactive sessions on private sector leadership and entrepreneurship, community engagement, and more. It will be held before an in-person audience at The Cloudveil, Autograph Collection in Jackson Wyoming, and it will serve as an update to the October 2022 Frontiers Project Meeting.

Featured speakers include Executive Director Rob Creager, Wyoming Energy Authority; Wyoming State Representative Donald Burkhart; Vice-Chairwoman Natalia Macker, Teton County Board of Commissioners; and Jess Gehin, associate laboratory director for Nuclear Science and Technology, Idaho National Laboratory.

For questions and more information on in-person attendance, please contact Jennifer Gordon at To view the agenda or register to join virtually, please visit here.

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