Atlantic Council Publishes New Issue Brief Urging Ratification of the U.S.-UK and U.S.-Australia Defense Trade Cooperation Treaties

"We now have the best chance since the treaties’ submission to Congress to move towards ratification. The goal should be to vote the treaties out of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee before the August recess and obtain the full Senate’s advice and consent in October."

During David Cameron’s first visit to Washington as Britain’s Prime Minister, a new Atlantic Council issue brief calls for the White House and Senate to act to ratify the U.S.-UK and U.S.-Australia Defense Trade Cooperation Treaties. To affirm the U.S.-UK special relationship, and to advance timely military, economic and diplomatic interests, Cameron’s visit is the ideal occasion for Washington to move on a treaty signed more than three years ago.

These treaties, by streamlining the defense export process, will speed up the provision of equipment to British and American warfighters, while protecting against proliferation risks.

Turf battles – not concerns about the treaties’ substance – have sidelined the initiative for too long. According to the issue brief, "It’s Time to Ratify the Defense Trade Cooperation Treaties", the procedural deadlock is loosening at an opportune moment. Senator Richard Lugar recently proposed implementing legislation that may provide a path forward that the administration can accept. The treaty has languished for long enough – now is the time for action.

This brief follows on The Hill’s publication of “Help Our Friends Fight with Us”, an op-ed by the Atlantic Council International Security Program authors.

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