WASHINGTON – The Atlantic Council’s Brent Scowcroft Center on International Security has added new senior fellows who will advance the Center’s mission of serving as Washington’s premier thought leadership institute on the role of the transatlantic community in shaping global strategy and security policy.

These fellows bring decades of experience in government, business, and academia focused on global trends, transatlantic security, Asia security, deterrence, cyber security, missile defense, and strategy.

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Lisa Aronsson
Visiting Fellow, Scowcroft Center

Lisa Aronsson is focusing on NATO and transatlantic security. She is head of program and research fellow in transatlantic security studies at the Royal United Services Institute in London. 

Tom Bossert
Zurich Cyber Risk Fellow, Cyber Statecraft Initiative

Tom Bossert is a Zurich Cyber Risk Fellow with the Atlantic Council and president of Civil Defense Solutions, LLC, a risk management consulting firm. Bossert previously served as deputy assistant to the president for Homeland Security, where he advised President Bush on homeland security, counterterrorism, and continuity of operations, and coordinated the US Government’s homeland security and counterterrorism policies.

Erik Brattberg
Resident Fellow, Strategic Foresight Initiative

Erik Brattberg is focusing on the impact of global trends on the transatlantic community. He is also a nonresident fellow at the Johns Hopkins University SAIS Center for Transatlantic Relations and a research associate at the Swedish Institute of International Affairs in Stockholm.

Roger Cliff
Nonresident Senior Fellow, Asia Security Initiative

Roger Cliff specializes on East Asia security issues and is leading a project on Japan’s future security roles within the Scowcroft Center. Previously, he has worked for the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments, the Project 2049 Institute, the RAND Corporation, the Office of the Secretary of Defense, and VERAC, Inc.

James Joyner
Nonresident Senior Fellow, Scowcroft Center

James Joyner focuses on military and security issues and is an associate professor of security studies at the US Marine Corps Command and Staff College. He was previously the Council’s managing editor and has been the editor of the popular political blog Outside the Beltway since 2003.

Matthew Kroenig
Nonresident Senior Fellow, Scowcroft Center

Matthew Kroenig is an expert on Iran and an associate professor and international relations field chair in the Department of Government at Georgetown University. He is also an expert on nuclear deterrence, nuclear proliferation, counterterrorism, and US defense policy and strategy.

Jan M. Lodal
Distinguished Fellow, Brent Scowcroft Center on International Security

Jan M. Lodal is a distinguished fellow within the Council’s Scowcroft Center where he specializes in nuclear non proliferation and disarmament. He was president of the Atlantic Council of the United States from October 2005 until the end of 2006. Previously, he served as principal deputy under secretary of defense for policy and as a senior staff member of the National Security Council. He was founder, chairman, and CEO of Intelus Inc. and cofounder of American Management Systems, Inc.

Jeff Moss
Nonresident Senior Fellow, Cyber Statecraft Initiative

Jeff Moss is a cyber security expert and was appointed in 2011 as the chief security officer for the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). He is the founder and creator of the Black Hat Briefings and DEF CON, two of the most influential information security conferences in the world.

Patrick O’Reilly
Nonresident Senior Fellow, Scowcroft Center

Patrick J. O’Reilly focuses on missile defense, space policy, strategic foresight, and disruptive technologies. From 2008 to 2012, he served as the director for the Missile Defense Agency (MDA) at the US Department of Defense.

Jeff Schmidt
Zurich Cyber Risk Fellow, Cyber Statecraft Initiative

Jeff Schmidt is a two-decade veteran of the information security industry and founder and CEO of JAS Global Advisors LLC. Schmidt also founded Secure Interiors and the InfraGard National Members Alliance, the private sector component of the FBI’s InfraGard Program.

Marik String
Nonresident Senior Fellow, Scowcroft Center

Marik String is an expert on transatlantic security policy and the role of Congress in national security. He previously served on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee professional staff of Chairman/Ranking Member Richard Lugar, where he held responsibilities as deputy chief counsel and senior professional staff member for European and Eurasian Affairs. He was also responsible for vetting US Department of State nominations requiring Senate confirmation and led several Congressional investigations resulting in reports to the Committee.

Stefano Stefanini
Nonresident Senior Fellow, Scowcroft Center

Stefano Stefanini focuses on NATO, transatlantic security, Italy, and Mediterranean security. He has been diplomatic adviser to the President of Italy Giorgio Napolitano, Italian permanent representative at NATO, and deputy chief of mission at the Italian Embassy in Washington. He had previously served at the United Nations in New York and Moscow.

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