The Atlantic Council today joined the U.S. Water Partnership (USWP), the foremost public-private alliance tackling global water security. 

“Creating solutions to current and developing global water challenges is vital to peace and prosperity for the twenty-first century,” said Atlantic Council President and CEO Frederick Kempe. “The Atlantic Council is delighted to join so many leading government agencies, businesses, universities, NGOs and think tanks in combining our intellectual assets and convening power for tackling the world’s mounting water-related issues.”

Said Tom Harvey, Co-Chair of the U.S. Water Partnership, “We are pleased to welcome the Atlantic Council as the one hundredthpartner and join our prominent group of US water organizations, which are currently impacting lives in more than one hundred countries. Adding the Atlantic Council’s significant expertise and resources will further help us shape solutions to global water challenges.”

The Atlantic Council’s work with USWP will build upon current Council projects, led by the Africa Center and the newly relaunched Global Energy Center, to develop innovative solutions within the water-energy nexus and will provide crucial intellectual capital to further USWP’s critical mission.

Africa Center Director J. Peter Pham announced the partnership today at a roundtable discussion on women, water, and youth, which featured Dr. Susan Mboya, the President of The Coca-Cola Africa Foundation, also a USWP partner.

“Enabling access to affordable and plentiful clean water is a particular challenge for developing nations around the world but especially in Africa, affecting everything from economic productivity to education to gender equity,” Pham said. “The Africa Center together with the other regional centers and functional programs at the Atlantic Council look forward to leveraging our resources and expertise to contribute to tackling this important challenge together with other USWP members.”

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