Atlantic Council / CSIS Energy Security Report Released

Urges Transatlantic Cooperation for Sustainable Energy Security

Washington, D.C. – The Atlantic Council’s new report, Transatlantic Cooperation for Sustainable Energy Security, was released today jointly with CSIS.

Atlantic Council Chairman Senator Chuck Hagel praised the report and its policy recommendations, saying, “Long-term and sustainable energy security must become a critical focus of Atlantic Community policy cooperation.  Worsening environmental issues, increased piracy on trade lanes, economic instability, and Eurasian geopolitics all disrupt the world’s energy supply.  The Atlantic Council’s study addresses such transatlantic energy security issues in a practical and insightful manner.  It is a first rate piece of work.”

“The world is energy short and carbon long,” the report warns.  The effects of climate change and the economic downturn are already transforming the world’s consumption patterns, and conventional energy supplies will only tighten in the future.  The energy objectives for resolving these problems are clear — but the means are not.  A global revolution is needed and the Atlantic Community must provide leadership by acting in concert now.

Transatlantic Cooperation for Sustainable Energy Security recommends new structural and substantive approaches for countries on both sides of the Atlantic to achieve shared energy goals.  Importantly, it calls for the establishment of a Transatlantic Forum on Energy Cooperation to maximize “common, compatible, and complementary” efforts in securing environmentally responsible and cost-competitive energy.

All the report’s recommendations can be found at /publication/energy-security-report.


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