Fellows will participate in a yearlong policy and leadership development program for high-potential, high-performing veterans in advanced energy   

WASHINGTON, DC – September, 16, 2021 The Atlantic Council’s Global Energy Center announced today the selection of its 2021-2022 Veteran Advanced Energy Fellows. Over the course of the next year, the veteran fellows chosen from this highly selective process will gain the skills and tools needed to serve as the next generation of leaders in the rapidly evolving advanced energy industry.

The Veterans Advanced Energy Fellowship develops leaders to become mentors, advocates, and spokespeople for other veterans, reservists, and military spouses, and solidifies the advanced energy connection to national security and the mission-driven progress of veterans’ employment in the field. Advanced energy is defined by leading-edge energy technologies including solar, wind, geothermal, batteries, microgrids, advanced nuclear, electric vehicles, end-user energy efficiency, and hydrogen, among other innovations.

“The Veterans Advanced Energy Fellowship continues to evolve into a world class curriculum to develop our future leaders in the advanced energy space, building upon their national security credentials as veterans,” said Greg Douquet, Co-Director of the Veterans Advanced Energy Project and Senior Fellow at the Atlantic Council Global Energy Center. “We’re thrilled with the experience, expertise, and potential of this group of Fellows—our third cohort—and expect them to shape our program in exciting and unexpected ways.”

“We’re thrilled with the experience, expertise, and potential of this group of Fellows—our third cohort—and expect them to shape our program in exciting and unexpected ways.”

Greg Douquet

The 2021-2022 class of Veteran Advanced Energy Fellows includes:

  • Max Adams Austin Texas | US Army Veteran
  • Allison Bennett Irion Chicago, Illinois | US Navy Veteran
  • Carlton Brinda Salt Lake City, Utah | US Navy Veteran
  • George Bonner Wanchese, North Carolina | US Coast Guard Veteran
  • Kevin Booher Amsterdam, Netherlands | US Marine Corps Veteran
  • Jasper Camacho Singapore | US Army Veteran
  • Timothy Crowder Chicago, Illinois | US Navy Veteran
  • Kevin Doffing Houston, Texas | US Army Veteran
  • Sara Lechtenberg-Kasten Riyadh, Saudi Arabia | US Army Spouse
  • Jennifer Manfre Pasadena, California | US Army Veteran
  • Christopher Rawlings Richmond, Virginia | US Marine Corps Veteran
  • Kendra Ryan Estes Park, Colorado | US Navy Veteran
  • Jordan Shontz Austin, Texas | US Army Veteran
  • Warren Sakey Asheville, North Carolina | US Army Veteran
  • Alex Yachanin San Diego, California | US Navy Veteran

Read the full 2021-2022 Veteran Advanced Energy Fellow biographies here.

Participation in the fellowship includes monthly policy webinars with experts from the Atlantic Council network; policy proposal development for publication in the Global Energy Center’s EnergySource blog; fostering veteran connections in the advanced energy industry across local communities; and participation at the 2022 Veterans Advanced Energy Summit.

The Veterans Advanced Energy Project is designed to drive US leadership in advanced energy by recruiting, equipping, and empowering military veterans who understand the importance of the evolving energy landscape to our future security and prosperity. The Veterans Advanced Energy Project is managed by the Global Energy Center within the Atlantic Council, a nonpartisan 501(c)3 nonprofit. www.AtlanticCouncil.org