WASHINGTON, DC – The Atlantic Council’s Global Energy Center today welcomed the addition of Charles K. Ebinger as a senior fellow. Ebinger served as the director of the Energy Security and Climate Initiative at the Brookings Institution from 2008 to October 2014 and then as a senior fellow until 2016.

“Charley brings to the Global Energy Center critical expertise on the power sector and on energy security, particularly in South Asia, the Middle East, and Africa,” said Ambassador Richard Morningstar, founding director and chairman of the Global Energy Center. “During his long career in the energy sector, Charley has been a key voice in domestic and international energy policy debates. We are delighted that he has chosen to become a senior fellow with the Global Energy Center and look forward to drawing on his deep expertise as we further expand our programming in key areas of the world.” 

Ebinger has thirty years of experience advising the highest levels of governments on a variety of projects funded by the US Agency for International Development and international development banks. These projects addressed the restructuring of electricity, natural gas, and petroleum state-owned companies and creating and enhancing energy policies and regulatory regimes. Previously, Ebinger served in senior positions at the International Resources Group, Stone & Webster Management Consultants, and Nexant advising over fifty governments on various aspects of their energy policies, specializing in institutional and economic restructuring of their utility sectors. Ebinger also served for many years as an adjunct faculty member at Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service and John Hopkins University’s School of Advanced International Studies.

“In a short time, the Global Energy Center has established itself as the go-to place for analysis of the most pressing challenges facing the energy sector today,” said Ebinger. “The energy sector today faces historic challenges, and I look forward to engaging with the Atlantic Council’s community of experts and contributing to the center’s thought leadership on how the United States and the world can move toward an energy future that provides reliable and sustainable access to energy for all.”

The Atlantic Council’s Global Energy Center works to promote global access to affordable, reliable, and sustainable energy. Alongside government, industry, and civil society partners, the Center devises creative responses to energy-related geopolitical conflicts, advances sustainable energy solutions, and identifies trends to help develop energy strategies and policies that ensure long-term prosperity and security. The Global Energy Center will host its first annual Global Energy Forum in Abu Dhabi January 12-13, 2017. For more information on the Global Energy Center or to schedule an interview with Charles K. Ebinger, please email press@atlanticcouncil.org.