WASHINGTON – The Atlantic Council’s South Asia Center recently held a meeting for its India-Pakistan water project in Lahore, Pakistan. The meeting convened key experts, policymakers, and other stakeholders from both sides.

There was unanimous agreement that the Indus Water Treaty is one of the most successful treaties in the world and every effort should be made to adhere to the Treaty. The group also discussed challenges that have emerged in the recent past, such as global warming, a growing energy shortage, and increased demand on water due to growing populations, which are affecting both countries. In addition, the participants discussed various topics related to issues faced by both countries in managing their water resources, especially in the Indus River Basin, and identified areas that demand further study. The report sets the agenda for future cooperation on water, food security, and energy issues.

The co-chairs of the Lahore meeting, Mr. Sartaj Aziz (Pakistan) and Mr. Salman Haidar (India), have already forwarded the report of this meeting entitled “The Way Ahead” to the prime ministers of Pakistan and India. Copies have also been sent to the Ministers concerned.

Ambassador Salman Haidar was the acting co-chair at this meeting in place of former foreign minister of India, Mr. Jaswant Singh, who is now succeeded by former foreign minister, Mr. Yashwant Sinha.

These discussions took place as part of a water conflict project between India and Pakistan, organized by the Atlantic Council’s South Asia Center and supported by the Ploughshares Fund.