Atlantic Council Officially Launches Adrienne Arsht Latin America Center

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Atlantic Council Officially Launches Adrienne Arsht Latin America Center 

Arsht Center to promote and strengthen trilateral Latin America-North America-Europe relations

WASHINGTON – The Atlantic Council today officially launched its Adrienne Arsht Latin America Center at its Distinguished Leadership Awards dinner. Founded with a $5 million gift from leading philanthropist and businesswoman Adrienne Arsht, the center will forge a new partnership among Latin America, North America, and Europe based on common values and shared interests.

“In 1996, I moved to Miami to run TotalBank,” said Adrienne Arsht. “Living in that dynamic city, it became clear to me that there was a need to find a way to integrate the interests of Latin America with Europe and the United States to shape the global future and create a broad community of common values. Fred Kempe and the Board of the Atlantic Council immediately understood and shared my vision. It has long been my dream to create this Latin America Center. I am thrilled to spearhead an initiative that will embrace Latin America as an integral part of the transatlantic world and give this vibrant region the recognition it deserves.” 

As the political influence and economic dynamism of Latin America grow, the Atlantic Council has recognized that there is a historic opportunity to incorporate the region—as an equal—into the largest economic partnership and community of shared values in the world. 

“This new Center will be an important part of the Atlantic Council’s larger mission to define a ‘Global Atlantic’ galvanizing the countries that share our common values to tackle the world’s challenges together,” said Atlantic Council President and CEO Frederick Kempe. 

Establishing a new era of dialogue and trilateral partnership will bring significant dividends for each region, both economically and strategically. Although divisions remain in the region, Latin America has shifted significantly in the last decade toward a more democratic and prosperous future, one with strong and growing ties to the countries of the north Atlantic. Latin America is now the fastest-growing regional trade partner of the United States, with more than 80 percent growth in trade in the last decade. Additionally, the European Union is the largest foreign investor in Latin America, accounting for 39 percent of total foreign direct investment (FDI) in the region in 2011. 

The Arsht Center will be the first organization of its kind dedicated to strengthening this  trilateral partnership. Using original research, analysis, and engagement with policymakers, media, and corporate and civil society leaders, the Arsht Center will examine priority issues that highlight Latin America as both a strategic and economic partner of North America and Europe, including, among others: trade and investment, natural resources and energy, security, democracy and human rights, and developing human capital and entrepreneurship. 

About the Distinguished Leadership Awards  

Attended annually by more than 700 distinguished guests, including ambassadors, heads of state, members of Congress, and more, the Atlantic Council’s Distinguished Leadership Awards this year recognized the outstanding achievements of former US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen, Chevron Chairman and CEO John S. Watson, performer and philanthropist Tony Bennett, and musician and social activist Juanes.


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