WASHINGTON, DC – February 13, 2023 – The Atlantic Council’s Democracy + Tech Initiative at the Digital Forensic Research Lab (DFRLab) is pleased to announce the inaugural members of its Task Force for a Trustworthy Future Web, representing 42 companies, global civil society organizations, universities & initiatives, individual experts, and associations.

Led by Task Force Director Kat Duffy, these exceptional leaders will collaborate over the next four months to articulate a future-focused agenda in support of building a more trustworthy web, and to identify specific interventions necessary to catalyze that evolution. The Task Force will engage a broad range of experts drawn from product, business, rights, policy, and related fields to determine its findings, and will publish a report with recommendations by June 2023.

“This task force unites luminaries who not only have decades of experience and perspective behind them, but also a creative vision for the ways we could build a safer, more inclusive web in the future,” said Duffy. “‘Trust and safety’ practices and principles transcend any particular policy, company, issue, team, or tool. By illuminating and embracing that complexity, this Task Force will help chart a path forward that can support human dignity and innovation, and mitigate harms.”

Current members of the Task Force are listed here and include:

  • Kat Duffy – DFRLab
  • Rose Jackson – DFRLab
  • Chinmayi Arun – The Information Society Project, Yale Law School
  • Savannah Badalich – Discord
  • Tami Bhaumik – Roblox
  • Lauren Buitta – Girl Security
  • Agustina del Campos – CELE Buenos Aires & Global Network Initiative
  • Daniel Castaño – Mokzy
  • Rumman Chowdhury – Berkman Klein Center
  • Nighat Dad – Digital Rights Pakistan & Oversight Board Member
  • Michael Daniel – Cyber Threat Alliance
  • Justin Davis – Spectrum Labs
  • Emma Day – DFRLab
  • Dante Disparte – Circle
  • Alex Feerst – Murmuration Labs & Digital Trust and Safety Partnership
  • Camille Francois – Niantic
  • Grace Githaiga – KICTANet
  • Inbal Goldberger – ActiveFence
  • Brittan Heller – Stanford Cyber Policy & DFRLab
  • Sue Hendrickson – Berkman Klein Center
  • Lea Kissner – Former Twitter
  • Bertram Lee – Future of Privacy Forum
  • Katherine Maher – Former Wikimedia Foundation
  • Mike Masnick – Techdirt & The Copia Institute
  • John Montgomery – GroupM
  • Sidney Olinyk –  Duco
  • Riana Pfefferkorn – Stanford Internet Observatory
  • Leah Plunkett – Berkman Klein Center
  • Victoire Rio – Digital Rights Activist
  • Eli Sugarman –  Schmidt Futures
  • Tiffany Xingyu Wang – OpenWeb & Oasis Consortium
  • Timoni West – Unity
  • Charlotte Willner – Trust and Safety Professional Association
  • Dave Willner – OpenAI
  • Nicole Wong – Albright Stonebridge & Former US Deputy Chief Technology Officer

The Task force will also draw on the expertise of leading organizations focused on trust and safety, healthy gaming environments, advertising and more. To learn more about the Task Force, its members, and partnering organizations, visit the Atlantic Council website.

The Task Force for a Trustworthy Future Web is housed at the Atlantic Council’s Democracy + Tech Initiative at the Digital Forensic Research Lab; an action-oriented center producing timely research, driving policy change, and building a global coalition dedicated to ensuring human rights, transparency, and accountability in our global information ecosystem.

For more questions about the Task Force, please reach out to futureweb@atlanticcouncil.org.