WASHINGTON, DC – The Atlantic Council will host its third annual Global Forum on Strategic Communications (StratCom 2019) in Washington, DC on October 23-24, 2019.

Stung by Kremlin interference in elections in the United States and throughout Europe, governments have made progress in investigating past intrusions, counteracting ongoing influence, and preparing for future malign operations. However, even as Western democracies work to construct responses and build resilience, the Kremlin and other state and non-state actors continue to develop new tools to spread false narratives and manipulate the political discourse. Additionally, major questions remain surrounding the role and responsibility of news and social media platforms in this challenge.

As the tactics of malign actors evolve, it is critical to continue to provide a forum for experts to learn best practices, share innovations, and engage with the policy community in order to counter bad actors seeking to influence and destabilize democratic institutions through disinformation.

October 23 is on-the-record and open to press upon accreditation, and will feature panels on: Understanding China’s Information Operations; What and What Not to Regulate; Confronting Everyday Falsehoods; and Personal Data: What, Who, How, and Why?

October 24 features a series of off-the-record workshops, including: Back to Elections: Lessons from 2019Deep, Shallowfakes: What Should We Fear and What to Do?Private Messaging AppsFake Personas, Fake Engagement: The Marketplace for Social Media ManipulationCyber Capabilities: A Tool to Fight Disinformation?; and Media: Success Stories from the Newsroom.

To register as press for the event or to schedule an interview, please contact the Atlantic Council press team at: press@atlanticcouncil.org